Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Under Construction and a little bit of Love....

Hello, Hello!  Happy Wednesday to everyone... today seemed to drag for me.  There was so much that I wanted to accomplish but didn't, which is super frustrating!  I did, however, spend some serious time "fixing" my blog - specifically, my past posts!

Ever since I started my blog, I've been wondering how people get pictures in the middle of their posts???  The other day, my friend, who just started her own blog (click here to see) had pictures in her blog and I was all, "WHAT!!?  How did she do that?", which promptly started a long convo via text.  So, now that I have been let into the world of pics in posts, I've decided to go back through all of my old posts and add the pictures... which is turning out to be a very time consuming and boring project but I really want my blog to look professional so this is just the means to the end!  So please be patient with me... the post today was actually from October - opps!  It was in my drafts file and I edited it and posted it thinking that it'd back post to when I wrote it but I was wrong.  So, happy Halloween in January, everyone!

And last, here's a sneak peak at a banner that I'm teaching at Pages from the Heart in Monrovia this weekend... I'm only going to give you 1 letter a day to keep you coming back for more! 
(L - Love Banner)

I used mostly American Crafts Valentines paper with a little hint of October Afternoon's Thrift Shop paper. 

See you tomorrow!

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