Monday, July 25, 2011

"New cup, new cup! Move down!"

Our Mad Hatter's very merry un-birthday was a huge success!  I think the queen was very happy...

Queen Loida and Injun Robert

Of course, the queen's motto is "Let them eat cake!"  So we did!
Our Cheshire Cat lost his eyebrows, but he's still pretty darn cute!  We couldn't eat off normal plates, that would be ridiculous, so we used a little bit of Modge Podge and printed clocks onto vellum and adhered them to the bottom of clear plates.

We blew up 400 balloons for the occasion.  Yes.  4 . 0 . 0 .

We hung lanterns, all different sizes, colors and shapes.  We also hung a bunch of umbrella's, all different sizes and shapes.  We made tissue balls and hung those as well.  My mom had the great idea of hanging empty frames - we wanted the "sky" to look like the hole that Alice fell down into.  I love how this turned out, I'm not going to lie!  My Dad and brother helped with this part of the decor, they were troopers while listening to me tell them "Umm, can you move that umbrella over 3 inches?  It'll look perfect!" and "Think clusters, I want clusters!" 

And we cannot forgot that you must have your head covered when you are in the Queens presence, so here's some of our hats!

Mad Hatter Maya
Sis-in-law, Christine, and her pretty Pansy Hat
Me with my Mad Hatter Cheshire Cat hat

Uncle Stan as the White Rabbit, Meghann and Courtney as the Tweedles and cutie Emmerson

and we must not forget the characters! 

Aunt Dianna and Cousin Susan - aka - Tweedles

The King, Alice, the Queen and the White Rabbit - aka - my parents and pseudo parents

My parents - this is the way they typically look when they're talking to me

Mateo as the cutest White Rabbit ever

And I think that smile is the best possible way to end this post!  I'll be back later this week with even more pictures from the party! 

Hope you have a merry start to your week!


  1. FABULOUS! I love it all! Looks like it was a fantastic party!

  2. That cake looks amazing! Love the decor too. Nice work Andi!