Monday, February 11, 2013

15 DIY Valentines!

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Since we all know that I lurve Valentines, I pin just about every Valentine idea I see on Pinterest!  I could probably do something Valentine related every day for the rest of the year and still  have pins to try!  So, instead of doing every single Valentine idea that I have pinned, I thought it would be fun to share 15 DIY Valentines that I've found on Pinterest with you!

This Valentine is perfect for the Force lover in your life!  I saw this and immediately thought of my Nephew, an avid Star Wars lover!
My son's favorite movie of the moment is Despicable Me - I must admit, the minions are all of our favorites and we quote the movie daily... "Light bulb" and "It's so fluffy!" are used by all of us!  So, when I saw this Valentine, I showed it to Adam (even though we'd already picked what he wanted to do) and I was totally okay with changing our original plans to a Minion Valentine!
And speaking of our original Valentine's idea, here is is!  I bought the little bubble set from Target a few weeks back.  I like how it's not candy, I'm pretty sure every other parent of 5 year olds would like that it's not candy.  I still plan to use the bubbles but with the Minion Valentines...
I love the idea of this!  I'm planning to incorporate this into our Valentine's dinner with friends - I'm going to print out a few badges and give them to the kids so they can do nice things for each other while making it fun.  My little guy and his friend LOVE police, so this is right up their alley!  So cute!  Have I mentioned every idea that I've listed is a FREE Printable?!  How Awesome, huh?
This one is super cute too!  Since we've already decided on Adam's Valentine, I'm going to turn this into a Mommy and Adam game on Valentines - I think we'll use candy and crackers... maybe I won't feel too bad about the sugar intake that way...
The next two go together in my mind...
I would totally make my chocolate banana empanadas in the shape of hearts, put them in cello bags and top them with the cut pie bag toppers to give to friends and Adam's teachers/school admin.  Or maybe I'll try the Oreo Pies from Living Locurto!
Another non-candy idea are these cute bookmarks - you could put protective covering on them to make them extra durable for little hands! 
Here's a whole sheet!  You could do a variety of Valentines, from little glow sticks to apples or local honey...
Since nerd is so popular right now, this little Valentines are sure to be a hit!  They even have little rx-free glasses at the DollarTree that you could pass out - who doesn't like a new look?
You might be thinking "huh, she's not posting any super girl-ish Valentines..." and you'd be right!  My attention seems to go to where there's cute things for boys, and it doesn't get much cuter than these! 
I LOVE these, but I'm not this kind of Mom - I'm a sometime-sweets kind of Mom, and while I applaud this idea and think that it's extra fantastic and I'm sure Adam's teacher would love me if I did this, I just can't... maybe if the fruit was dipped in chocolate or something...  but it's pretty darn cute, it's something I would do inside his lunch in a heartbeat tho...
I found some cute Valentine's pencils in Target's dollar aisle and printed this out and put them in Adam's Valentine backpack - he loves having his own pencils and pens so this was a simple and sweet little valentine for him!  And talk about an inexpensive Valentine when you have a classroom of 30+ kids!
Growing up, I LOVED MadLibs - I saw a set of Valentines ones at the store, but this FREE printable one is super cute...
And last, but not least, a very girly one!  These are so cute... I would still make these for my friends!  And maybe I will!
There's so many more fun, cute, lovely ideas... maybe I'll share a few more tomorrow!
Have a great day!

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