Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Few More Valentines!

Good Morning!  Thanks for visiting today!

Today I'm sharing a few more Valentines ideas and a confession... I've had the supplies for Adam's class Valentines for about 3 weeks now... and they are still in the same bag I brought them home in.  I'd planned a Valentine's Creating party for my girlfriends and their kiddos and then the Mister and the Boy got sick... so we postponed.  And then I got sick... and we postponed.  And then the Boy got sick... again.  And he's still sick but I think he's a little better today so we're going to be optimistic and make his class Valentines today with the hope that he'll be well enough to attend school tomorrow! 

So, in honor of all the other procrastinators out there... here's some more Valentine ideas that include FREE printable sources.

This one is my new favorite - Adam LOVES his whoopee cushion and thinks its hilarious to "trick" people into sitting on them, which is so totally obvious but everyone plays along.
The link doesn't have a printable, but it's such a cute idea!  You would think that my little Boy loved Star Wars with how many Star War Pins I have, but I'm always thinking of my nephew and niece even though I don't get to see them often.
I'm planning going to put together a little gift basket for Adam's teachers using the tag above and with some local honey, a hand drawn mug, some scones or the mini-pies (shown yesterday) and tea. 
This book is so cute for a class teacher or a pre-teen or teen!  I actually really want one for myself!
Hope you found something that you like or that will save you from a last minute dash to the store at midnight on Feb. 13th!
See you back here tomorrow!

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