Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Police Party!

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Today I wanted to share a little of the fun Police Invites and goody boxes that we made for Adam's 5th party.

Adam's been in love with Law Enforcement for the past few years since he was born.  There's not a ton of children law enforcement party supplies out there, so we ended up making out own. 

I ended up designing, printing and cutting his invites and "Thank You" tags from my Silhouette.  It was so easy, I love using their software to make a variety of projects!
My Mom asked what she could do to help, so I asked her to make a police goody box.  She used the 3D Car box and brought in different police elements from other images to make it look like a police car.
My Mom and Dad assembled the cars, My Dad drew the Adam5 license plates...
These boxes were gently used by the kiddos - These were my favorite things from the party!
We filled them with badges, Police Stickers and Police shaped candy...
My Mother-in-law came over to help fill the goody boxes - I gave her and Adam the job of making the Police Radio and Badge from the chocolate molds.  They were so easy, all you do is melt chocolate (Michael's, Joann's and Cake stores will have chocolate discs that are made for this) and pour it/spoon it into the molds.  We added M&M's to ours just because... then they were placed in the fridge for about 20 minutes until they'd set up and then they popped right out! 
So that's it!  Out Police Party set! 
Hope you enjoyed!
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