Monday, February 4, 2013

Pottery Barn Inspired Valentine Holder

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Thanks for visiting today!

Today I'm sharing a fun, easy and inexpensive Valentine's that I created for my little Valentines after seeing this one in Pottery Barn Kids...

I love the idea of this Valentine holder, but it's a little too girly for my little Valentine.  I've been scouring the $1 bins at Target, ordered a few fun boy-ish Valentine Books and added a few fun items that I've been wanting to get for Little A but needed an excuse... Daily Valentines was a perfect excuse!

I have a HUGE tub of felt with lots of fun colors so I decided to make a Little A appropriate Valentine holder...

FULL of LOVE Chair Backpack
I made this in about an hour and I probably could've done it a little faster if I'd sketched it out first, but it kind of a trial and error project...
The dump truck was super easy, I just drew a rough pattern on paper and laid it down on my felt and then cut it out.  There's no tough cuts, it's basically just a square with an almost rectangle and 2 circles.  Pretty easy for anyone.  You could also use a die to cut a dump truck if you had one, QuicKutz has one that I own, but I wanted one a little larger than theirs.  Trust me, I've seen about 1 billion dump trucks, I think I can draw a rough one in my sleep!

Here's the straps that go around our chairs to keep the backpack on all the time.  So simple.  All felt, so no frayed edges, wonder under, anything.  I LOVE felt for this reason!

Hmmm... I wonder what's in it today? 

I'll share a tutorial on how to make your own Full of Love Chair Backpack tomorrow!
Have a great day!

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