Monday, February 28, 2011

It's as broke as broke can be...

I was really proud of myself this morning... I made a card for a baby shower that I was attending (I seldom make cards for events, I don't know why), and while making it, I kept snapping pictures to show you how I get from A - Z... I've been wanting to do a tutorial for some time now, and since I was sick all last week, I cleaned out my scrapfice and got super well organized, so organized that I bagged all of my scraps together for quick and easy cards.  So, anyways, I was rock'n it this morning, made a super (if I do say so myself) cute baby girl card and even had time to download the pics (27 of them) to our computer.  And I was only 2 minutes late to the shower.  Whoo-whoot!

I was planning my upcoming post on my drive home when I received a text from the LOML (love of my life), saying "The monster's up, call when you can", which is never a great sign when he calls our son a monster.  So, I called and am greeted with "Well, I have some good news and some bad news... Our computer crashed, totally dead".  Hmmm.  "Okay...", I said.  "But, the good news is that I've wiped it clean of all our programs and it works again but... everything since our last back-up is gone."

Our last back up was in October of 2010.

Holy Crap.  Crap, Crap, CRAP! 

So, all of our Christmas pictures, Adam's Birthday pictures, my work pictures and work files are just, well, gone.

So, I will not be posting pictures of my card making tutorial (complete with flower rolling) or even pictures of the actual baby card, I won't even be able to post pictures of new projects until tomorrow, HOPEFULLY, because I need to get an external card reader for my laptop.  But, I promise to make a new tutorial soon, I'm really trying to branch out of my comfort zone of just posting pictures of projects.  I've been reading a lot of other blogs and I realized how much I enjoy tutorials with the pictures... so helpful!  Here's a couple links to other blogs that have great tutorials with almost all their projects!

Click here for Pink Paislee's blog, great pictures and tutorials... and here for Fancy Pant's blog - a lot of tutorials and a new project every day, sometimes two! and here for the Glitz  page, which doesn't always show tutorials but they always have NEW ideas, like, all the time! 

I'll be back tomorrow with (hopefully) new project pictures and maybe (dare I say it?), a tutorial??

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