Monday, February 28, 2011

A new dent but no pics...

Well, like my husband says, I have some good news and some bad news...

I didn't get my external memory card reader or whatever it is that I need today.  Tomorrow, for sure...

I was involved in a hit and run today.  No, I wasn't the runner, just the poor 4Runner that got a big ol' dent in it's rear bumper when someone backed into it - hard.  Very hard.  The good news, we weren't in it when this happened. 

A busted, file losing desktop computer. 
A dented, white paint, scratched car. 
A little boy with a BIG boo-boo (his words, not mine) from falling on asphalt (I'm not even going to spell it the way he says it, I'm sure you can take a guess as to what it kinda sounds like...) who is also faking sick because Goofy did on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this morning - fake cough, fake achoo.  Oh, and he smelled like stinky farm animal half the day because he was jumping in puddles behind a feed store.  No, I don't know what kind of puddles.  Gross, huh?

So, I'm going with the notion that tomorrow will be better.  I will get whatever I need to put pictures on my computer.  I will work on class samples and Design Team samples and will submit some work to be published (it can't hurt!) and we will go to the grocery store and try avoid any more bumps or bruises or Mickey Mouse illnesses.  And next week we will have forgotten what a rocky start we had this week. 

Please bare with me!

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  1. Oh Lord!!! What a week you had! But it started out so wonderfully yesterday with a fun catch up and chat time with me... then the call from the hubby with bad news and then today just more and more bad news! Personally... I think a hot fudge sundae is in order!