Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm "Sew Funky"

I'm not talking about my body odor... although it is hot today...

I'm not talking about the way I dress - I think I'm a little more boring than funky but I admire funky!

I'm talking about the Sew Funky Market Blog!  If you're interested in learning a little about the business side of Kutz, Paper, Scissors, then please check out the blog - I'm the vendor that's sharing today!

I know that I teased you a little yesterday with a picture... did anyone guess what it is?  Okay, so I'm sure everyone guessed that it was a banner, but did you guess what it said?  HAPPY!  And I felt that was totally appropriate for the way I was feeling yesterday after seeing my cards in CARDS magazine!  So, here's a few more pictures of the banner - I'm offering it as a class at Page's From the Heart (626.358.5334) so call and sign up if you're interested!

I hope you're feeling happy this Monday!  And please check out the Sew Funky Market blog - there's a ton of cool vendors to take a look at!


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