Monday, August 29, 2011

A Busy Week


(Warning: Picture loaded, long story post!)

I hope that everyone is keeping somewhat cool during this crazy, 112 degree heat wave that we've been having!  I'm sorry for the week off, but let me show you what we were up to...

Yes, my little guy started Preschool.  It was a morning with a little bit of tears.... not from Adam though!

Grammy took him "School Shopping" the week before and he picked out this shirt for his first day.

And this backpack.  It's only as big as him, but he did have it full... of his stuffed animals!

A little pep talk from Daddy while we're walking up to the school.

A name tag!  Yay!

Good Morning, Teacher!

Along with starting preschool, we got our lost pet back!  Let me fill you all in.  A few weeks ago my BIL's fiance gave us a tortoise her family had found in the street.  We were estatic!  I had a tortoise growing up, and with my allergies, well, any animal without fur, hair or feathers are our only options... so, let me introduce you to the Jessup families first pet, Rango!

We were so excited that Alan and Adam starting fixing his enclosure immediately!  They took out an Oleander tree, tons of bushes, rocks, and built him a wooden "safe" home.  We also took Rango to the local reptile store to find out what kinda of tortoise he was and we have ourselves an African Spur Thigh!  He doesn't hibernate, he's under a year old, he'll grow to be around 100-150 lbs!  By the time he's 10 years old, he'll be full sized and by full sized, I mean huge!  Like, throw a saddle on him and ride him to town, HUGE!

We let him out of his enclosure every day to play with us, graze in the yard and we normally let him go for a little dip...

You can see it in his eyes, he really enjoys this.

Well, the Saturday before Preschool, Rango escaped!  We still don't understand how, but he "ran away".  We were able to follow his poop trail to the drive way next door, but then our trail went cold.  We made a "Lost Tortoise" sign, talked to our neighbors, put a trail of lettuce leading  back to our house and hung our heads.  We were seriously upset.  I was honestly surprised at how upset Adam was, I wasn't sure that a 3.5 year old would understand, but he did.

Well, on Monday after dropping off Adam at school and getting breakfast, running a few errands we came home to make a lunch for Adam and get his emergency kit ready to take back to school and pick him up.  A knock sounded on our door and Alan answered it.  There was our neighbor, with a large bucket and Rango inside!  I guess the gardeners found him in the rose bushes.  Silly Rango.

We were all so happy, we had a pool party after Preschool.

I'll be better about posts this week, I have a few projects to share and I've been working every preschool morning on more!

Here's to hoping your Monday brings your a nice surprise!

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  1. So glad you got your tortoise back! I can understand the attachment. My mom has a red ear slider turtle & my kids {and I} are nuts about her :)