Monday, August 1, 2011

Quote for the week and Craft Island

I love Project Runway - I qoute Tim Gunn frequently to Adam "Make it work, People.", I have a love/hate relationship with Heidi - I like her honesty but sometimes her honesty borders on cruelty and that I don't like... and while I do not claim to be anywhere near fashionista status, I love a good, inspiring, competition that involves creativity along with skill! I've had mixed feelings about the past few seasons of winners, I often seem to LOVE the runner up. So, Season 10 started last Thursday and thus, my "Quote for the Week" is starting off with:

"My hair looks a hot mess. I don't wanna look homeless." - Rafael Cox

Here's Rafael with his hair scarf that is containing his hot mess!
Rafael's outfit was NOT my favorite, so I was not disappointed when he was "out-ted" by the judges.  Take a look.

Now, I'm a fuller figure kinda girl so these pants would never be an option for me (hello, grey, knit, darts at the middle, high waisted - all a big NO in my world), but they even look unattractive on this super tiny model!  That's not good.  The back of his shirt was interesting, I liked the details that looked like fish scales (not the most attractive sounding adjective, but it's what came to mind). 

I don't have a good tie in, so I'm switching subjects now! 

Last week my husband finished my Craft Island - This is is it! It has 6 shelves total (3 more on the other side), a HUGE cutting mat and it's on casters so it rolls easily wherever I want it! This is it before I organized...

And this is it after.  One side houses all of my sewing paraphernalia - scissors, rotary cutter, fabric, interfacing, a hat box for all of my scraps, thread... and my sewing machine lives on top.

The other side houses all of my papercrafting supplies.  I used baskets that I had randomly around the house, along with a tin basket with lid that has a cute chalkboard label on it (from Collective Journey), old jam jars full of buttons, my solid paper is stacked on the bottom shelf.  I still have my office that holds all of my supplies but this island holds all of the supplies that I use most often.
On the table top I keep a metal basket full of my "always" supplies.  I keep my Scrappy Glue, Tape Runner, Pop-Up Dots, Ruler, CuttleBee Scissors, Fabric Scissors, Burlap Distress Ink and Distress Tool, Black and White Pens, Glossy and Crackle Accents...
I also keep my OTT Lite, a little bird dish and the a large wire basket for "Middle" projects (projects I'm in the middle of, but have lost my way on!) on the table top. 

I really wanted a vintage fair look for this space - I love the clean and bright white with the wicker baskets and random containers.  I think that my supplies make my space look colorful without worrying about a lot of clutter.  I picked up a tall, white bar chair from Ikea for my seat (I plan to make a red ticking chair pad) - the tables pretty high but it's perfect for cutting fabric because I don't have to bend over and abuse my back!

If you want more information on how you (or your husband) can build this style of island for NOT a lot of money and my upcycling old shelving units, just let me know!

Okay, that's it!  I'm glad I got to share my new(upcycled) craft table with everyone!  Hope your week isn't off to a "hot mess!"


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