Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Click your heels 3 times...

and follow me to this magical land of Oz - eerrrr - Pages.

Here's my Magic of Oz mini... it's actually made from a hardback book.  I know, I know, some of you are going to have issues with that, but I figure that I'm saving an old book from a certain gloomy thrift shop doom.
You know how much I love detail cutting, so Dorothy is all hand cut.  So are the poppy's... and the Magic of Oz banner...

The book is composed of 6 pages, the Wizards page is one of my favorites.  I used a Glitz hot air balloon stamp and (gasp), more detail cutting.

I cannot do anything without crackle accents or stickles, so this page has them both!  Oh, and did I mention this is a pocket page? 

Even though Dorothy is not my favorite character (I'm partial to the Cowardly Lion - I think it's the hair-do), I figured that she's pretty much the central character so I have her on the cover and on one of the pages... She's a total fame mongur.

She's stamped and colored with Stamp'in Up Watercolor Pencils and blending pens and, yes, she's hand cut.  So is the Capitol Slippers advertisement (said in the same manner as in Mary Poppins).

Okay, that's all I"m going to share, but I still have a Tin Man page, Cowardly Lion page, Scarecrow page and The Good Witch and Wicked Witch page but a girl has to play hard to get sometimes!  There's still room for this class on Sunday, August 7th at Page's From the Heart.  You can also visit my Etsy shop to purchase the book there.

Hope to see you on the yellow brick road!

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