Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Redo! A great quote and a TON more!

Okay, so Project Runway was a little better last week.  I enjoy the unconventional challenges, I'm always amazed at what you can sew! 

Joshua had my favorite quotes of the episode:

"A garment out of dog food bags... if that's out of the box, then put me back in!"


"I don't want to be the dog on the catwalk."

There were so many great opportunities for great puns on this challenge.  He really took advantage of that.  Here's his outfit.

His top's design was made with aquarium rocks.  It was very 80's for me, but it had a nice shape and movement.  My other favorite part was when Heidi ragged on one of the contestant about using pee pads for his skirt, it was something along the lines of dogs walking up and peeing on the skirt while the person was walking down the street.  It was a good moment.

And now, onto Shop Hopping and The Queen Bee Market!

Saturday my Mom and I headed down to San Diego to hop around the stores down there and to attend the Queen Bee Market.  We had a great day, the Queen Bee Market was great, the booths were chalk full of fun, hand crafted goodness.  I got to see The Pleated Poppy, Allora Handmade, Little Wellies and so much more!  These ladies are all amazingly talented and I've been following their blogs since I realized what a blog was!  Here's some pictures from the Market.

Ugghhhh - don't you just love that scooter bag?  I wanted it soo bad, didn't grab it and have regretted it for the past 3 days.  I hate that!  I seldom have buyers remorse, but I often have walk-away remorse!

I love the pillows too, I've been wanting to make pillows for some time now, even had a similar one to the log cabin type in my head.

I almost got my Sister-in-law an Allora Handmade necklace, but had already started on her present (you'll see it later this week) so I passed on it, but I can guarantee that someone I know will get one for Christmas!

I think my favorite item at the Market was the super cute, super fun, children's shirts from "Oh, Fiddlesticks".  She had the onsies with a vintage picture of a cow + boy for cowboy, or a lime + light for limelight.  The vintage pictures plus the cute clues... awesome and so creative and different!

We sandwiched the QBM between shop hopping, we hit up 9 stores total that day and my favorite was Paper Tales.  I loved the shop, it's in Point Loma and I enjoyed the friendly staff, the samples and the shabby chic, beach cottage feel.  Take a look at some samples that I found in the store that have definitely inspired me!

After we visited Paper Tales, we went for lunch.  Yum.  There's a restaurant/walk up counter that we've been going to forever - as a child I remember coming home from San D with smoked fish, 3-4 different fancy cheeses, crackers and fruit, eating with my parents and feeling so grown up.  We visited Point Loma Seafood's for delicious, fresh Halibut fish and chips.  So good.  And I still feel like a grown up eating smoked fish and fancy cheeses!

Okay!  Phew!  This was a long post!  I'm sure you can understand why this one was put on hold while Adam and I fought off our summer colds!

I'll be back tomorrow with some Lifestyle Crafts samples!

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