Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Patience is a virtue...

Or at least that's the rumor...

I wouldn't know, I'm plumb out today!

We were finally all better, just a little lagging cough and tiredness, but the hubs and I were planning on starting an eat right and exercise plan...   You know, boosting our immune systems to fight germs and all that preventative medicine mumbo-jumbo.

And then this happened...

I have crutches, and a large, straight brace that is not the most fun contraption.  They think I tore my meniscus, along with cartilage and have fluid on my knee... so I'll have an MRI Friday and meet with the Ortho Surgeon and hope that surgery isn't my answer.

Now, this isn't that big of a deal.  Yay, it's not comfortable or convenient, but it's so much better than it could be!  And, I did get to have a little bit of fun before all of this with my bro-in-law and future sis-in-law!  Nothing makes me happier than a wedding!  Except, maybe taking the engagement pictures!

They're an attractive couple, but I guess you can see that!

And even though I doubt this one is on the "Save the Date", I LOVE it!  They were having a staring contest to loosen up.  I'm pretty sure Kerry won.  Dan doesn't look very hard core.  We took these pictures downtown Redlands, where theres a ton of cool, old historic brick buildings with a ton of character.  The first picture that I shared was on an old fire escape on the brick building  and this one was in front of a cool, old green door.  Now, I am not a photographer but it was a lot of fun.  It made me remember when Alan and I did ours, it was so hard to be ourselves in front of the camera and not feel forced, but we have one of ours framed on the wall and we look really really really in llllooovvvveeeeee.

And now is time to share an actual paper project!  What?  I know, the whole point you come to this blog!

I used the LifeStyle Crafts Be Spooked 3-D tree, which is Ba-nan-as.  I LOVE it!  To make my tree spooky, I cut it out of black cardstock and added a ton of fun little spooky shapes from both LifeStyle Crafts and Cottage Cutz.

I am also teaching the "Magic of Oz" Altered Book class at Collective Journey's this Saturday and there's still time to sign up - 909.793.2200. 

Hope you're all having a less of a "fall" than I've had!  Get it, because of my knee, less of a fall... because it's fall... I guess the pun loses some of the cleverness if I have to explain it!



  1. Please take care, Andi!!!

    Feel better soon!!

  2. I hope you'll be okay! I totally understand what you are going through as I tore my ACL once and medial meniscus twice. Keep us updated on your progress, my thoughts are with you.