Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Happenings


{Picture laden post!}

Well, we're all supped up on candy and cough syrup around here!  Yay for Halloween!  Boo to germs!  Adam is on the mend, just a cough and a little bit of a runny nose but I'm now enjoying some quality time with the couch, Kleenex and cold medicines of all flavors!  But, before I became so closely reacquainted with the couch, we had some Halloween fun! 

We did some Halloween finger... errr... full body painting.  We made ghosts, Frankensteins, pumpkins... all with a little bit of finger paint (okay, a lot of paint!) and a black sharpie on cardstock!

We also made a spooky village.  I got a kit from Target that came with everything we needed.  We tried to make our village look like the one on the box... but I'm not going to lie... ours looks so much more spooky!  Mostly due to the monster mess that we made while putting our village together but still.

We also carved a pumpkin and my messy boy all of a sudden decided that pumpkin insides were too gross for his delicate nature so the hubs and I did the majority of it.

And on Halloween we pillaged for candy! 

And then counted our loot! 

Hope you had a spook-tacular Halloween!
Haggar & Helen the Viking and the littlest Swat Team Member!!

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