Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reindeer Games...

For Page's From the Heart's Holiday Cheer Event I decided to make some goodies.  The Pumpkin Chocolate Chips Cookies recipe I already shared and I believe that they were a hit, but I also made another goodie that Adam helped me with!

My sis-in-law told me about something she'd seen on Pintrest, a donut reindeer and I was intrigued.  Adam's now at the age where he gets the different Holidays and it really does become more magical when I share an experience with him!  So, I checked out Pintrest and saw what my sis was talking about!

Here's the steps.

First, get into your Christmas jammies.  Then, wash your hands, climb into your big boy chair and put a chocolate donut (we used Entemans) in front of you.  Grab a bag of Peanut M&M's and pick out a red one.  Have your Mom grab a bag of twists pretzels and steal one from the bag while you wait for instruction.  Instruction: Put red peanut M&M in center of chocolate donut.

While your Dad breaks the pretzel in half and your Mom takes a picture, sneak a M&M.

Take one of the broken pretzel pieces and insert into donut at the top, do the same with the other half.  These will be your reindeer antlers.

Move so fast that your Mom cannot get a descent picture with her iPhone.  Sneak another M&M, or 10.  Sneak a donut.  Laugh and run away.

While your child is hiding and eating all of the sweets that they sneaked, open a tube of black gel that you find in the baking area of your grocery or craft store.  Put 2 black dots above the red M&M for the reindeer eyes.  Set aside and adore.

After I saw the reindeer idea and was grabbing the supplies from the store, I saw the powdered sugar donuts and instantly thought "Snowman!"
These are done pretty much the same way.  Place an orange M&M in the center of the powdered sugar donut.  Use your black gel pen to give the snowman 2 coal eyes and a coal smile.  So cute!
Place your new friends side by side so they're able to keep each other company!

 (note: your child may not be able to help you do more than 1 type of donut friend due to the insane amount of sugar that they may sneak during the process!)

Have a great week!

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