Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Tree

I know, I know, my past few posts have been about Christmas and you might be wondering if I forgot about Thanksgiving. 

I didn't, but I sure love Christmas. 

But I'm thankful for so much and I don't every want to forget it! 

So, Adam and I made a Thankful Tree.

I think it's so important to remind ourselves how blessed we are, and what better way then a hands-on project that we can display in our home, that our children can take part in and that is constantly reminding us.

I used scraps of WeR's fall paperline and punched different shapes.  I used a 3 in. scalloped circle punch, a 1.5 in. scalloped circle punch, a tag punch and a label punch.  I punched as many as I could of each and put them in a pile.
Adam and I then talked about what being "thankful" means.  We grabbed a pen and our punched out shapes and started writing down everything that we could think of, each thing, person or place that we were thankful for went on a different shape.

I helped him write his and he came up with some good ones!  He was even thankful for the punches and pens that we were using for this project!  Such a funny little boy.

After we finished writing, I grabbed my distress Ink and my dauber and let Adam ink the edges.  I was actually using this as a way to keep him interested while I punched holes in all of our shapes and tied brown bakers twine to each tag/shape so we could hang them.
We then went to our "tree"m which is a branch that's been screwed into a wooden box/base.  My husband put it together for me as part of my Anniversary present and I LOVE it and want to use it all the time!
We hung up all of our thankful "leaves" on the tree and put it on our side board in the dinning room.  I've punched some additional shapes and keep those in a bowl close to the tree with a pen and more twine and we add more thankful "leaves" every day. 
Some of Adam's "Thankful Leaves" have the following on them:
Rango (his first leaf)
Bernard (stuffed bear that he's had since birth)
GiGi (Great Grandma Grace)
Trash Trucks
Bubbles and Papa
Grammy and Uncle Dan
Cousin's Lucas and Julia, James and Nora
 Mommy and Daddy (we were an after thought...)

It's so great to spend this time with Adam, learning about what he's thankful for and reminding myself about what I'm thankful for.

Have a day full of thanks,

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