Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gift Wrap Ideas...

Good Morning!

Today I'm sharing a few easy and inexpensive gift wrapping ideas!

I like including Adam in, well, everything!  In most of my favorite Memories, my Mom was letting me help her make cookies, rolling out the dough, helping her craft... the important part wasn't what we were doing/making, it was that I was included. 

Adam's always liked to be a helper - and yes, sometimes it takes twice as long if he helps, but in the end, it's more fun this way and he feels good about himself!  So, for Father's Day, he helped me wrap up my dads gift...

We wrapped it in plain kraft paper and I let Adam pick out the stamps that he wanted to "decorate" it with.  I let Adam stamp with the Stamp'n Up Construction set in (washable) black ink.

  Adam spelled "Papa"  - well, the letters are all there, we're still working on the order of the spelling.  Easy, personalized gift wrap!

And here's another gift wrapping idea...

I bought a big box from the U-Haul Store -

And filled it with balloons.  I got the balloons from the Dollar Tree and blew them up with an air compressor.  I think there were 25 balloons in the pack - 1 popped and there were 2 left over.  My fingers were number after tying 22 balloons!  I then wrapped the box in gift wrap.

She kinda had to search for her gifts... In one balloon there was a gift card to a nail salon and in the other was a gift card for a movie outing - can you tell that we were doing a Girls Day/Night out gift?  She did have to pop the balloons to get to her gifts, but that's part of the fun!

So that's it!  2 fun and easy gift wrapping ideas!  The balloons in the box would be a great idea for kids - and you could ship it this way and it wouldn't weigh a ton!  I had planned on putting confetti in each of the balloons but forgot when I was blowing them up.  For kids you could put dollar bills in the different balloons too...

Have a great Friday!

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  1. hey Andrea, I like the idea of stamping with the Stamp'n Up Construction set and also the idea of inexpensive gift wrapping.I always try to find new ways of wrapping. Heres a newspaper wrap that I used recently.