Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinned Up Monday!

Happy Pinned Up Monday!

Thanks for joining me... today I'm back with the next step in the dresser/vanity turned bench project!

Here's where we started...

and here's where we ended...

And this is what happened this past weekend...

After doing A LOT of research on refurbishing, there were a few commonalities in the different posts.  1 - sanding is a good idea, even if not mandatory and 2 - Zinsser Cover Stain Primer is fantastic.  So, I bought some Zinsser and grabbed a fresh roller (delinted - this is important!  If you're roller is brand new, you'll end up with fibers in your paint, thus ruining the finish of your project!) and went to work!

I used a roller and a paint brush.  My husband has Purdy paint brushes, which are the best and super expensive, but I'm not allowed to use them.  So, I used my brush to get in the nooks and crannies and then went over it with my roller to get rid of the brush strokes.  If your husband is generous with his paint brushes, you can use those! 

I did 2 coats of primer because I really really really want a nice finish.  You could probably get away with 1 coat but I figured if 1 was good, 2 is best.  This is my first piece of furniture that I'm refinishing correctly so I'm trying to do it right.  If this is successful, all of my dining room furniture is next!

Here's some tips:

1. This is an oil based primer so it's going to stick to you, your clothes, etc.  Wear gloves and long sleeves/clothing you don't care about.  I wasn't wearing long sleeves and I still have splatters of paint on my arms after mineral oil and 2 days of showers/hand washing!

2.  De-lint your roller!

3.  Get all of the dust off your piece of furniture!  We used an air compressor and blew off the surface and then I followed with a soft rag.

4.  Use the primer in a well ventilated area!  I did this in an open garage near the front of the garage while wearing a serious painters mask.  I couldn't smell a thing while my mask was on, but once it was off, the smell was over-powering.

I'm letting it sit for a few days because I'm going to use a paint sprayer to apply the colored paint and I need my husbands help/knowledge!  Hopefully the next time you see it, it'll be all done!

Have a great day!

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