Monday, July 2, 2012

Pinned Up Monday! Project in Progress!


Today I'm taking a trip to the Los Angeles Fashion District!  Ya!  I can't wait to look at fabric, walk around, go into Santee Alley (does it remind anyone else of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter?)... the traffic is the only down side, but I'm hoping its well worth it!

So, today I'm sharing a Pinterest project that is "In Progress".  Here's the Pinterest inspiration...

I've been wanting a bench in 2 different areas in our house.  I want one at the foot of the bed and I also want one in the front entry along with shelves and hooks for storage so maybe all our junk keys, shoes, hats, phones aren't looking cluttered and messy.

My brother and sister-in-law recently bought a house.  The previous owners left this little beauty behind...

They were just going to throw it out, so I asked them if I could have it.  I knew immediately that I would turn it into a bench.  It's been sitting in our garage for a while, and while it doesn't bother me, my husband glowers at it every time he has to move it to get to a tool or supply, so I figured I'd better start transforming it.

My supportive husband was very happy to start the redo!  I think he figured it was one step closer to getting it out of his garage (although he doesn't know that I want a Shaker style table from a local thrift shop to take it's place in my restoration/redo line up!).  So, he cut the legs off the dresser while I started taking the hardware off the drawers and sanding it down.

My husband moved the table onto the grass so that I could sand the different areas (I'd already done the top), and when I told Adam what we were turning it into, he said, "Mommy!  It's already a bench!" and sat right down!  It was so cute, I didn't see it like that until he did!

Some day I might get a real smile from this kid.

Here it is, all sanded.  I used a palm sander on all of the flat parts, and between me, Adam and the Husband, we all hand sanded all the little cracks and crevices, around the detail work and trip.  This was the most time consuming part.  Since Adam and I both have asthma, we wore masks through the whole process, you'll be covered in saw dust by the end!

I'm debating between 2 colors, each one depending on where I put the bench.  IF I decide it'll go in our room, it'll be grey/blue.  If I decide to put it in the entry, it'll be cream or soft white.   Any suggestions?

Have a great day!  And remember, if you need an invitation to Pinterest, please email me ayokleyjessup(at)gmail(dot)com!  Or leave a comment and I'll send you an invite!  I'll get this bench done this week and share the finished product next Monday!

Have a great day!

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