Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun Friday!


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With a few weeks left before school starts back up,  I wanted to share a few super fun places in So Cal for you and your kiddo's to explore...  I realized this week that we only have 3 weeks before Adam goes back and we've barely crossed anything from our Summer Bucket List!

First, there is this awesome children's museum/workshop in Old Town Temecula called Pennypickles Workshop.  This place was amazing!  Both my husband and I went to this place and I think we were both as entertained as Adam!  And the other cool part is that Adam can go from now till he's a preteen and get something new from it every time!  It's a fun, science/math based museum that does everything from arts and crafts to music to optical illusions and so much more!

They had everything!  A hot air balloon that the kids could get in and pull the handle, turn tables, instruments, a garbage/recycle plant, duct tape wallets and soo soo sooo much more!  And the price was really reasonable, well worth it!

Another place that was very fun was KidSpace Museum in Pasadena!  This is also a museum, but it's very hands on and interactive with lots of cool stuff inside and outside!  The KidSpace Museum is right next to the Pasadena Rose Bowl... which we'll get to!

We loved this museum!  It had so much cool stuff to do, from this super tall climbing thing to an ant hill that the kids could climb in and out of and an earthquake stimulator, a fossil digging jeep, gold mining water area, HUGE garden area and so much more!  They also have fun special events, so check out their calendar! 

Then there's Pretend City in Irvine... This place is pretty neat for the little ones, I'd say once they're able to pretend and act out different things, they'll have fun.  It wasn't quite as fun for the grown ups though... we were mostly just trying to keep track of our own kids!  I think we'd been there for about 1.5 hours and I felt like it had been twice as long!  But it's really neat for the kids, nice and clean and big!  There's something for every kids desire, from an Art Studio, Library, Vet Clinic, Marina, Police Department, Fire Department, Beach, Construction Site, Farm, Grocery Store and more!

It was a little pricey, we went on a AAA special day so there was a little bit of a discount, but it was nicely air conditioned, and in 102 degree heat, you cannot beat that!

If you're not looking for kid friendly outings, try the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which is the 2nd Sunday of each month or the Saw Dust Festival in Laguna Beach where you can see cool handmade items from local artists!  Of course there's always the beach, if you go to Balboa, take a ride on the ferry! 

Have fun your last few weeks of summer!

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