Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Crayon Roll Tutorial #2

Good Morning!

Today I'm sharing ANOTHER Crayon Roll Tutorial... yes, another one!  This one is for anyone who is looking to use 3 different fabrics OR who doesn't have a large enough remnant scrap for the body in yesterdays tutorial!

Outside Body Piece (6"x13")
Inside Body Piece (6"x13")
Coordinating Pocket Piece (8"x13")
Coordinating Ribbon or Twine
Coordinating Thread
Sewing Machine
Ruler (I prefer one with a clear grid)

Cut your two body pieces to be 6"x13".  Cut your coordinating pocket piece to measure 8"x13".

Fold your coordinating pocket piece in half length wise, wrong sides together.  Think of it as a hot dog bun...


Top Stitch along the top of the pocket, about 1/8" down from the fold.

 Place your pocket piece on your inside body piece, lining up the edges and the bottom of the two pieces of fabric.

Find your center, about 6.5" from the outside edge, and draw a line.  Continue making lines, spacing them 1" apart.  You'll end up with 10 lines (ignore my 12... opps).  These lines will become your crayon pockets.

Sew on your lines with the coordinating thread.  I wanted my lines to stand out, so I choose a matching bright pink, but you could use a thread that would blend more... it's all a matter or preference.  Remember to back stitch at the top of the pocket for reinforcement, don't worry about the bottom.

Grab your ribbon or twine (1 yd) and fold it in half.  Sew the folded end into your body piece at the edge, going back and forth to reinforce.


Lay your outside body piece on top of your inside body piece and pocket, you'll have a nice little sandwhich now -
bottom: Inside body piece right side up
middle: Pocket piece right side up
middle: Ribbon
top: Outside body piece, right side down.

Top stitch around the edge of your fabric sandwich... remember to leave an opening so that you can pull this right side out!!

Trim the corners - this helps avoid bulk and gives your crayon roll a nice shape.  You can also take pinking scissors and cut around the edges to lessen the bulk...

Pull the crayon holder right side out through the opening.  Using a chopstick (or something pointy), stick your corners out so you have a nice shape.  Iron the creases and all over so that it lays nicely, iron the opening with the edges folded in so that you can sew it closed and keep it looking nice.
Top stitch all around the crayon roll (I stitched about 1/8" from the edge).  Make sure that you catch both sides of the opening so that its closed nicely. 
Viola!  A fun, playful crayon roll using scraps! 
That's it for crayon rolls!  phew!  You could also take the same steps/tutorial and create a make up brush holder, paint brushes holder, scrapbook tool holder... so many options!
Have a great day!  See you Friday for Zuc'n It Up!  Zucchini Recipes!

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