Monday, June 24, 2013

Patriotic Inspiration

Good Morning!

Last week I was off the grid - we were hanging out with family and didn't have Internet access (WHAT!?!?!)  unless we went to the library... I made it through okay... you know, after breathing into a bag for a few hours little while, and then I adjusted rather well and ended up enjoying not being constantly plugged in.  In all honesty, I did still have Internet on my iPhone, so I'm not as tough as I might be sounding, but I also don't have the highest data limit so once I got over my need to read every email that came in and move past my usual habit of wasting spending time on Pinterest, I was happy to spend an hour reading to Adam or playing card with my parents or going to the pool for hours on hours on hours... on hours.  The only thing I felt bad about was not having time to schedule posts for last week, so this week I'm all yours!

I cannot believe that next week is Independence Day!  Anyone else shocked by how quickly June has flown past?  Shoot, I feel like I'm still in November 2012!  I did buy some fun 4th of July decorations at the Dollar Tree a few weeks back so I guess I need to get on it!  If you're needing some fun Red, White and Blue ideas, here you go!  You're welcome.

4th of July Printable and Hanging Sign

Firecracker Treat Pops
Patriotic Printable
Mason Jar Flag
Glow Stick Printable
4th of July Recipes
4th of July Milk Carton Treat Boxes
Patriotic Vignette
DIY United States Patriotic Decor
 I'm feeling pretty patriotic... time to go create and decorate!

Have a great day!

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