Friday, June 14, 2013

Lil' A Fashion Week - Upcycled T-Shirt

Good Morning!

I told my brother that I was making Adam clothes, to which he replied "Poor kid..." - I get it, I remember growing up and wanting certain brands (ESPRIT, LA Gear- can you say 80's child?) and I know that at some point, Adam's not going to want me to make his clothes because he'll realize that it's not cool...  We'll probably have s Crosby moment like this one...

Theo bought this new shirt for a dance (?), which Denise thought was ridiculously expensive so she offered to make him one JUST LIKE IT...
Which obviously, didn't go exactly as planned (laugh sound track). 
Yes, I can see this in Adam's future.
Anyways, as for now, he likes that I make him stuff, anything from a die cut to a t-shirt, he feels special and I feel warm and gooey inside when he happily tells something "my Mommy made it for me."
I think I mentioned once or twice that Big A NEVER gets new clothes... I believe its been 4ish years since I bought him something new, he just doesn't care too much about what he wears.  A few months ago I was folding his clothes and putting them away when I realized that I had a constant scrunched up nose from looking at his paint splattered, worn/faded clothes - which I promptly took out of his drawers and in a donate bag... except for a few items that I figured I could reuse to make Lil' A play clothes!
I used the basic TEE pattern/tutorial from MADE and grabbed one of Big A's shirts.
I looked over the shirt, finding the wear and tear parts (gaping hole anyone?) so figuring out what I wanted to use from the shirt and what I definitely wanted to avoid.  I didn't mind the fray edges, I liked the worn look since this was a little boys play shirt or pj shirt (so far it's been both).
I folded the shirt in half, reminding myself that the folded part of the shirt would end up being the center part of Lil' A's t-shirt.
I laid down my pattern exactly where I wanted (don't forget to use the front pattern piece if your material had a design you want to keep).
I traced the pattern with a red marker (not my best idea, I just wanted the tracing to show up in the photo) so yay! for bad but successful ideas!
Also did the same for the sleeves, purposely getting some of the worn edges on the sleeve.
And I have all the pieces for Lil' A's NEW (resused) t-shirt!  I then just went about sewing it all together per the tutorial instructions and...

Jumped for joy when it was done!
Because Lil' A now had a great, Daddy t-shirt to wear with his pj's (as seen here with Mommy made pj bottoms) or to play or just be a lump on a log with!
Yay for old, gross and holey shirts that get to be NEW, cool and comfy shirts!  I feel like the shirt would be smiling here if it could...
Oh wait... it is!  Happy Happy Happy!
Have a great day!

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