Thursday, June 27, 2013

Patriotic Scrap Bunting

Good Morning!

I finally finished my Patriotic Mantle and am so excited to share... but we have to be patient a little longer so I can share a super easy, scrap using banner tutorial!

I'm sure it's a cut and dry idea, but I'd rather be thorough than assume someone knows hows to create one of these easy, fun and colorful guys (I'm thinking of my not-so-crafty-sis here).

Let's get started!  Here's what you'll need:

-Fabric or paper in whatever color scheme you want!  Since this was for my Patriotic Mantle, I choose scaps of Red, White and Blue Fabric .


-Sewing Machine

-Coordinating Thread

First you're going to want to cut your fabric or paper into squares, recutangles, circles, whatever floats your boat.  Here's my sizes:
Red/White Stripe 3"x 5"
Red/Blue/White Strip 2.5"x 2.5"
Blue/White Knot 2.5"x 5"

Put your pieces into the order you want them to be for your bunting - this will make your sewing process way faster.

Grab your first piece (top piece) and start sewing!  I used a 1/4" seam allowance, but it's up to you.  I also used red thread so that it would pop.  Before you start sewing, pull enough thread so that you have something to hang your bunting with!

Leave your sewing foot down and just keep sewing!  I tried to keep my pieces evenly spaced, so every time that I was done sewing one piece, I'd just grab the next, slide it under my foot and keep on going.  I used a straight stitch but you can use a zig zag or decorative stitch just as easily.

Bam!  Bang!  Boom!  You have a fun, easy and scrap using bunting to hang where ever you want!  I love using scraps!  I also love a 5 minute project...  Check back in tomorrow for the last idea before the Mantle Reveal (too much fan fare for a mantle?)!

Have a great one!

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