Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lil' A Fashion Week!

Good Morning...

Yesterday I shared a few Muscle Tee's and Shorts that I made for Adam... today I'm sharing a few more!  I LOVE repurposing... I love making something usable from something that we'd normally be throwing away.  And not just making something from fabric I happen to have, but something from something else!

I made these checkered shorts from an old skirt of mine that... it was a gathered skirt that is way too small but fortunately, since it was gathered, there was enough fabric for these shorts!  Thank goodness I've gained weight, otherwise Adam wouldn't have these awesome 80's skater shorts!
At first I wasn't sure about the shorts, I had a hard time matching anything other than black T's to them, but Adam's actually really good about grabbing shirts that match and he looks super cute!
For some reason I want to start singing "You've got to fight!  (Boom Boom) For your right!  (Boom Boom)  To PARTY!!" whenever I see this outfit...
I also upcycled one of Alan's old work shirts for Adam... and my favorite part is that I upcycled his collared work shirt into shorts!  Adam loves these, we call them Daddy Shorts and Adam wants to wear them all the time!  They're a nice, medium weight cotton fabric that wash and wear nicely.
I cut the pattern so that the shirt pocket, company name/logo and my husbands name (which were on the front of his work shirt) would be visible on the back of Lil' A's shorts... I thought this would make it more special and Lil' A would think of his Daddy every time he wore them!
I hemmed the bottom of the shorts... I have a few more of Alan's old shirts to cut up, they either have paint splotches or holes in them so I'll see what I can use and what I can't... I'm actually thinking of trying my hand at making a collared shirt for Adam from one of these... we'll see!
So there you have it, two upcycled Lil' A shorts from our old clothes!
Have a great day!
*** I used the pattern and tutorial from MADE, which were easy to follow and use!  I cannot recommend it enough for any level of sewer!***

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