Monday, June 3, 2013

End of School Year Gifts - Crayon Rolls


Were you expecting more zucchini?  Well, I don't want to disappoint all you squash lovers out there so Zuc'n It Up will be back at the end of this week! 

It's almost the end of school here... summer is ringing the doorbell at our house and with only a few days left 'till we let it in,  I wanted to share a project that I made for all the kids in Adam's class.

I've had this idea for a while now... I've been wanting to make a crayon roll for Adam (not that I'm tired of having a billion crayons roaming freely in my purse...) and figured with all the traveling done in the summer, a crayon roll might be a great parting gift to all the kids (and parents) in Adam's class!

We've gotten to know most of the kids in the Yellow Class for the past 2 years, each child is so sweet, special and smart, we couldn't leave without giving them a little something to let them know that we'll be thinking of them all summer long!

A bonus to this project is that I was able to use fabric from my "Scrap" bin... so there's a few different patterns in the mix... the one above is a fun cars fabric that Adam picked for pajama pants (you'll see those soon!).

A slightly different take (a tutorial on this one tomorrow)...

I only had enough of the above fabric for 1 crayon roll but it's one of my favorites...

One of the crayon rolls for the girls... I LOVE the teal blue and bright pink...

And the Lobster print... this is scrap fabric from a custom order robe that turned out super cute!  Not sure if I like the gray chevron/pink dot side or the lobster side the best...

I made 8 girl crayon rolls and 5 boy crayon rolls... they took the majority of the day, but I think they turned out super cute!  I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the tag - I simply used the print option as well as the cut option. 

Adam signed his name on the back of each tag... see, I didn't do all the work!

That's it!  An easy, scrap using, beginner sewer, cute gift!  You could make these with a chalkboard fabric on the outside and put chalk in the pockets... these would be GREAT birthday gifts with a coloring book...

Check back tomorrow for a tutorial to sew your own!

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