Wednesday, June 26, 2013

USA Silhouette Wooden Sign

Good Morning!

We're still in the Red, White and Blue mode around our house so today I'm sharing a fun and patriotic sign that I made the other day...

Do you remember this inspiration that I posted the other day?
I've been playing with my Silhouette Cameo A LOT lately... I've been following their blog for a few years, enjoying their tutorials, projects and challenges... but recently I've started following their YouTube channel and recreating their projects step by step.  I know, some of you may call me a copy-cat (and sometimes I totally am!) but I think that every time I copy their project to learn their technique and tips, that it's not copying, it's more of a classroom.
Here's my take on the above project...
I recently learned about using my Silhouette software to offset fonts for a Father's Day Card (more on that later!), so I figured, why couldn't I do the same with a shape?  So I did.
The white space around the United States Silhouette is actually the offset shape of the silhouette.  Here's how you can recreate this painted sign.  I first painted my 12"x 12" wooden board white and let it dry.  Then, once I formatted my sign, I cut the design from Silhouette Vinyl and used the vinyl as a stencil, laying it (centered) on my painted board.  I rolled red paint all over my sign (knowing that my stencil would keep the negative white) and let it dry; once it was dry I peeled off the vinyl and threw it away while admireing my nice, mostly crisp lines!  I grabbed my blue vinyl, cut the United States Silhouette and used my transfer paper to stick it right mostly where I wanted it!

I wanted my sign to look a little distressed, so I lightly sanded the entire sign and then did a heavy sanding on the edges.

Pretty easy, huh?  I love the way this sign turned out and cannot wait to add it to my Patriotic mantle display! 

If you have any questions on how to format your sign using Silhouette Software, please email me at  and I'll walk you through the steps!

Have a great day!

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