Friday, June 28, 2013

Poster Board Backdrop

Good Morning!

We're so close to the Mantle Reveal... so today I wanted to share one last project idea that you can use for any occasion!

This is such an inexpensive, easy way to add color to a mantle, party, photo shoot, wherever you need an extra umph!

First, you'll need to grab a foam poster board, the one I used is 20"x 30", fabric that is slightly larger than your board and tape; I used masking tape but you can use duct tape, blue tape, whatever you have on hand!

Lay your fabric face down on your work surface, then lay your poster board centered on top.

Start by wrapping the fabric around the board and taping each edge down, pull the fabric taunt to get the best look.

Wrap the other sides around your board and tape, pulling tightly so that your fabric is as snug on your board as possible.

That's it!  I used removable poster tape by 3M in each 4 corners and on the sides to hang my board on the wall so that it'd be easy to remove and reuse.

Can you see my wiggly lines at the bottom?  Note to self: Avoid lined fabric!

The best part of this project is that I had all of the supplies on hand... maybe not everyone has foam board, fabric and poster tape on hand, but even if you had to purchase the supplies, it wouldn't be too much and you could reuse the board and poster tape...

Until tomorrow!  Mantle Reveal!

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