Friday, August 16, 2013

Art Table! Back to School Week


I've been sharing all of the fun, crafty stuff that I got to play with for the Back to School Party this week, but you might be wondering "What did the kids do?".  At first I wasn't going to organize anything, I was just going to let them play with the toys inside and out but then I started thinking that we were going to have girls and boys or all ages and that everyone may not (shocking) like to play police or "Under Arrest" which seem to be the favorite game(s) - does it even qualify as two, I don't know -  around here so I set up an Art Station.

I forgot to take a photo of the before table, where everything was put away in it's space, nice and neat and photo ready so here's a photo after it's been malled by tiny hands...

I grabbed 3 paint cans (2 large and 1 small) from Lowes, 3 plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree adn bunch of art supplies.  I ended up draping a blue cover all over the table and then taped 1 end of the plastic table covers into each paint can and letting them "spill" all over the tables.  I placed 1 large and 1 small can with "spilling" paint on a small stool so the paint could really flow.  I then placed the last can on it's side in the back corner of the table and lets more paint spill out of that.  So cute - and hard to mess up because it's supposed to look messy! 

Here's what we had to create with:
Foam Shapes
Popcicle Sticks (colored and plain)
Glitter Pens
Fuzzy Balls
Pipe Cleaners
Googley Eyes
Colored Pencils
Science Projects

{A few of my favorite artistes creating}
I also decided to give the kids some wall space to paint on... well, not walls because I didn't want to send the wrong message and have one of the kids go home and paint on the walls in the house and have a Mom then leave them on our front porch...  So, we hung some kraft paper on the fence and let the kids paint to their hearts content.
{Futher Picasso}
We also had some wooden birdhouses, wooden pirates, signs, alligators ready for the kids to paint and take home.
I'm pretty sure the Art Station was a huge success... and don't worry, we had some "Under Arrest" and "Police" going on as well, which is why you hardly see any boys in the Art picture!
Yay for Art!  Yay for painted bird houses and lots of glitter glue!  I'm feeling almost ready for school - how about you?  And since I have more school party to share, we're going to keep on going with the Back To School Week on Monday!  Yay!  Anyone else realize there are 3 "Yay"s in this paragraph - that's a lot of happy!  It's pretty close to Happy Happy Happy, but we do it Yay Yay Yay.
Have a great weekend!

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