Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flash Card and Sight Word Banners!!! Back to School Week


I'm back... I've taken Adam to school and cried buckets by now.  I was crying yesterday sitting through the "Meet the Teacher" as she was reading "The Kissing Hand"... I was crying in the car as I called my sister (yes, I was hands-free) saying how scared I am to leave my little, sweet, loving boy in such a big, wide open, full place without me... and last night as he was crying in bed, worrying that no one will like him in his class I had to hold back the tears and be positive.  So that's me, positively positive that he'll have an awesome day and I cannot wait to hear about it!

One might call it a "banner" day...

Good lead in?  Or too much?

So, once again, when I was at the Dollar Tree where I spent way to much just enough money on supplies for the party... I fell in love with the 1st Words and Sight Word cards!  They were just so cute!  I loved the fun drawings, childish drawings and all the sweet words and knew that they'd be a cute addition to the party!  I didn't have anything specific in mind at the time but I pretty much used them all over!

I decided to hang the sight words with binder clips - hey, why not?  Binder clips scream school... or tests, depending on how you rolled through your classes.  I rolled that way.  The Binder Clip Way.

I also I sewed the 1st Words and some addition/subtraction flash cards together.  I used almost the whole box of word cards and probably half the box of addition and subtraction - Adam will be doing complex mathematical equations soon thanks to the remaining cards!  It probably took me about 10 minutes to sew this banner and I had so. much. left. over.  Seriously.  Easy, playful and quick!  Yes!

Oh, and the fun 3D Apple rosette guys?  Yes, the Dollar Tree... and my Silhouette.  Have I told you how much I LOVE my Silhouette Cameo?  I love it!  And before you ask, yes, I would marry it - if it looked like my husband!  Anyways, the red and white rosette was actually in a package of hanging Patriotic Decorations that I never used for the 4th and I thought it was the perfect backdrop for the 3D apple from Silhouette - it actually gives you enough apples to make an entire apple, but since I needed 2 halves, I just used half for one rosette and half for the other!

So there you go - fun, easy and playful banners for above the buffet table - or anywhere, really.  Very little effort, time or money goes into these cuties which makes me give them an A+!

Thanks for visiting!  We're almost at the end of the week which means that I'll finally get to share the whole, colorful and fun party!
Have a great one!

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