Tuesday, August 13, 2013

School Banner!!! Back to School Week


Well, today is our last day before we have a full-blown, Big, SMART Kindergartner!  Tomorrow it all changes... and while I'm still excited about some of them, I'm still fighting the feeling that my baby - my one and only little guy - is going to start a new adventure and it'll never go back to the way it's been with him being home with me, us being able to go to Disneyland on a Tuesday or Thursday, of us getting to play together all day... I don't want to seem melodramatic, but all I can see is time zooming away from me and my little guy going with it.  There, that wasn't too dramatic, was it?

When I was putting together the Back to School Party Invite, I decided to make a fun SCHOOL banner... so I grabbed my laptop and start formatting the banner using my Silhouette Cameo.

I knew I wanted it to have a lot of the same elements and feeling that the invites had and, if you've seen any of my paper crafts, you know I love some serious layering... but I wanted to incorporate something very school-ish into the banner and went through a tons of options in my head... "Pencils? Crayons?  Erasers?" and then I thought back to the invites...

And remembered the ever handy, very school-ish and nicely textured paper bags that I used to hold the invites!  Yes!

First I grabbed a real paper bag and tried layering my pieces on it - it was way to big.

Then I grabbed my Lifestyle Crafts large treat bag die and it was still way to big.

So, my last option was to try my Lifestyle Crafts small treat bag and it was just right!  I cut enough small treat bags from my paper bags because I knew I wanted that look.  I assembled each of them and then started putting it all together!

I used the Echo Park School bus and school house along with a fun font, scallop circle and label.  I then gave it a little more umph by adding the small, white dots using my Viva Pearl Pen.  A little bit of red gingham ribbon threaded through smallish holes ties the whole thing together - literally!

Hung and done!  Nothing says celebration like a banner in my opinion!  I love a good banner.  I love a fabric banner.  I love a chalkboard banner.  I just love banners!  I hope you do too!

See you back tomorrow with MORE School Party ideas!
Have a great one!

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