Monday, August 19, 2013

Chalkboard Globe Welcome! Back to School Week

Good Morning!

 I hope you had a great weekend!  I finally opened a box of NEW fabrics that I need to start cutting and sewing for pillows and runners... I celebrated a friends birthday with some fun filled fondue, lots of laughs... some references to when we were younger and overall happiNess.  We had alot of chores to do, the first week of school left little time for cleaning/organization but I'm hoping that we can change that so that the house is always 10-15 minutes from looking good and we're never scrambling to find the 'Homework' folding as we're running out the door...

Today and tomorrow I'm sharing the last little bits of fun from the Back 2 School Party!  It's amazing to me, when planning a party, how much "stuff" I have and how much I don't have to purchase in the way of decor.  I'm lucky that my family and friends are "gatherers" like me - and that we all enjoy a similar style.

So, I'd found this image on Pinterest and I loved it!  I love the colorful, but not too juvenile feel.  I love the antique/found feeling... I love it all! 

No, I don't have all of the same items and I wasn't totally successful with making my "Welcome" sign as cute and awesome as this, but since I didn't spend any money and I just grabbed things from my home, I think the outcome was pretty cute!

I grabbed Adam's step stool (Ikea), an old book (courtesy of friend's stash) my chalkboard globe, the leftover banner and sight words and made this little vignette by our front walkway.

I wrote "School Is Cool!" in chalk and, I know you can't see it because the picture didn't really turn out, but after this little greeting, there's a chalk hopscotch on the walkway leading up to the front door - which, I'm proud to say, was my husbands idea!

Sure, it's not identical to the inspiration but it was items I already had or had left over from other decor which means it's pretty awesome in my textbook!

I guarantee that from now on I'll be looking for old books, old lanterns and lunch boxes, old step stools and I'll continue my globe hunting (I've been doing that for a while now)...  And next year hopefully I'll be closer to my inspiration... and every year after!

I'll be back tomorrow with the final outcome and my favorite part (aside from the wreath) - the table decor!

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