Monday, September 23, 2013

AwesomeNess Tote... and Rambling

Good Morning!

How is everyone?  Hope your weekend was great... did you enjoy the break from the heat?  It actually kind of felt like fall... which was such a treat after this summer!  It really made me want to start decorating for Fall/Halloween, bring in some rust, gold and navy colors into our home...

I'm kind of at a crossroads.  I want to decorate for Fall but I also want to decorate for Halloween... I either go one way or the other.  Which one, which one?  Adam loves Halloween, as do I, so I'm sure I'll go in that direction, but I don't plan on switching to fall after Halloween and then Christmas after that - I'm a Halloween to Christmas kind of decorator just due to time! 

Anyway - I wanted to share this super easy, fun and awesome tote I made the other day!  But let me back track a little -

Most of my Best Friends (yes, I still use that term) I've had since I was a kid.  I've known their family, their spouses, their interests, hobbies, talents since I was in elementary school or junior high... I've loved them as sisters since then, we've been through weddings, babies, high school, college, careers, trips, horrible-wish-I-could-forget that moments, asked each other why/how we ever dated so-in-so, had the highs of holding each others babies in the hospital.  They're amazing women - amazing Mom's, Wives, Sisters, Daughters, Friends.  I wish I could express my love and admiration for them so you'd really understand but some times, there's just not enough words.

Anyways - the other day I saw a great graphic on Silhouette - it simply said "Awesomeness".  One of the BF's is Vanessa, whom we've called Ness or Vani since we were kids.  And she's pretty freak'n awesome.  It was perfect.  So, I made a tote to let everyone know what she is.

Let me start with the design.  I was able to create the entire image with my Silhouette Cameo software or Silhouette products.  Yep.  The entire image - from formatting to printing, it was due to my Silhouette.  I grabbed the "Awesome-ness" graphic and the floral wreath graphic and turned it from a cut image to a print and cut image.  Easy. 
I then printed the design on the Silhouette Printable Heat Transfer Material for Light Fabrics, cut out the image and ironed it onto my white fabric that I was using to create my tote.
Note:  Do NOT iron on the image after you'd removed the backing - it'll melt and remove the image from your fabric and it'll get all over your iron!  You can see that there's some, uh-hmm, distressed areas around the edge of the graphic - which was totally my plan the entire time and was not - I repeat - WAS NOT a mistake that I turned into a "I meant to do that" moment.

I used white, cotton duckcloth to make my tote.  I didn't worry about turning hems, I just serged around the handles and the top of the tote.  I did square off the bottom of the tote so that it would look a little nicer - you can find the tutorial on MADE - it's very simple!

I added a quick, double pocket on the back to hold her keys and phone.
This tote will be filled with magazines, yummy goodies and a special card from me.  I have another one in the works for our other BF, both of these will be left on their doors this week, giving them a little pick-me-up mid-week. 
That's it!  Time to go blow my nose, take some meds and more vitamins, still trying to beat this crazy infection!  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great Monday!

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