Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting Back to Business... Interactive Card!


How are you?  I hope you all had a great holiday weekend... we sure did!  We somehow crammed in 1 evening of Magic at Disneyland, visiting with my Sis and her Family, sewing of some new products and a day at the Big Bear Zoo and Discovery Center...  It was just what our little family needed!  A nice, long weekend full of fun, a great way to end a rough few weeks of school and start off with a fresh, fun, new attitude for the rest of the year!

Why not start off this fun week with a fun, interactive Birthday Card? 

I shared this interactive card a few weeks back...

I saw this card on the Silhouette Blog and loved the idea of a card being a little extra special with the hands-on element, so after I watched the tutorial and created this card, I made one of my own!

I made this card a print and cut card.  I was able to turn the typewriter into a print and cut card using the paint, cut and offset button.  I did the same with the "Happy Birthday" slogan and the paper that is coming from the typewriter...

Sending some birthday love with this card!

I used ink splatters, glitter glue and a Viva Pearl Pen along with pop-up tape tape to finish off the card. 

There you go!  A fun, cute and loving birthday card!  I'm planning one in my head with a telephone... now I'm feeling inspired!

Have a great day!

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