Friday, September 13, 2013

Krusty and Krabby

Good Morning!

How are you?  Thanks for coming by!

My post title is a little misleading... we are neither crusty or crabby today.  Well, actually, we're sick so maybe we're crusty, but I don't feel crabby at all!

No-no, the Krusty and Krabby that I'm referring to is all about Krusty Krab from Sponge Bob.

A friend of mine asked if I could make a Krusty Krab Apron for his friend, who's daughter was having a Sponge Bob birthday party.  Of course I said "Sure!", expecting it to take a few hours because I'm such a master sewer.  A master sewer with no training.  A master sewer will little mastery.  A master sewer who forgot to take actual photos of my project.  Ugh.  Hello iPhone photos...

My original plan was to make an apron where the body of Krusty Krab was the main part of the apron and the eyes were the bib of the apron.  Due to Krusty's large eyes, this didn't actually turn out, so I had to sew it onto a pre-made apron due to time and frustration flexibilty.

But wait, I should go back to the beginning.  I had no idea who Krusty Krab was, so I had to find his image (thank you google!) and then I had to figure out how to turn his image into a apron... Hello projector!

Oh, you're Krusty Krab?  Okay, got it!
I pulled up Krusty's image on my computer and plugged the projector into it so that I could put the image onto a large piece of kraft paper I'd taped onto my wall. 

I then traced Krusty with a black marker, knowing that I was going to cut each piece of Krusty and piece the apron body together.

I then purchased 100% Cotton fabric in every color I needed.  I also ironed on fusible webbing on the back of my fabric before I cut out my pieces just to give the fabric some stability.  This made it way easier to draw my pattern pieces onto the fabric, cut them out and then sew them all together.  Each color you see is a different piece, from his legs, head, eyeballs to his uniform.  After I'd piece all of the cut pieces together, I sewed on the collar, belt, belt buckle... you get the idea.  I didn't give Krusty arms because my friend purchased crab shapped mitts to go with the apron so the apron wearer would be Kursty's arms/claws.

At this point I was still thinking this would be an actual apron, so I lined the back of the apron with plain, white cotton and sewed on black binding all the way around so it was nice and finished.  My original plan was to add the straps/ties now, but we all know that's not what happened... once I tried it on to see the placement, I knew I'd have to go a different route.  I was so bummed, you don't even know!  But, since I'm flexible, I just rolled with it and put it onto a white apron.  It still looked good, Mr. Krab was still in all of his Krusty glory and my friend was happy with the way it turned out.  I was just happy it was done!

Oh, and I drew his nose and smile on with a fabric marker.  After working on this "it'll take me a few hours, no biggie" project for 2 days, ALL day, a fabric marker was all I could muster.  Some projects just end up like that... due to my- ahem- sewing mastery.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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