Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Working With What You've Got!

Good Morning!

Today I wanted to share a simple mantle scape that I've had up in our home for the past month.  The best things about this is that I used items that we had on hand so there was no extra expense, I was able to show off my growing camera collection and added a little bit of color to our fairly neutral room!

Let's work our way from top to bottom, shall we?  I purchased the arrow prints from Olive and Birch, which has so many great prints for under $5!  I love the ombre color effect of the arrows and that I have the flexibility to change the prints direction and get a whole new look!  The White frames were $1.50 from Ikea - they're not heavy at all so I was able to use Command Wall Strips to hang them!  Yes!  No holes!

Our fireplace mantle is barely a mantle.  When we first bought our home I HATED (yes, I know that's not a nice word, but it's true) the brick.  I felt like it dated our home and I had a difficult time finding a paint color that worked with the wooden beam on our ceiling and the red bricks.  I would still love to "box" the entire fireplace in and give it more of a built in look, but that's for another time and another wallet!  I took my 3 Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Candle Pillars and placed them on the outside of the mantle, added my old cameras, a few Narnia hardcover books (for the color), one candle holder and the metal "J" for Jessup. 

I made sure that all of my pieces were at different heights to keep the eyes moving so the design didn't feel stagnant.

Last, if you look at the base of our fireplace, you'll see a woven basket (Home Goods - $16!) that holds our extra blankets/pillows, a large frame with a photo of Big and Lil' A and another mercury glass candle stick holder with candle - I love the way this looks - it keeps your eye moving all the way from the top to the bottom, and dresses up an otherwise boring fireplace.  Since it's way too hot to have fires right now, I decided the empty space should be filled in... and it's giving me that much more room to decorate!

That's it!  I love showing off my growing vintage camera collection instead of having them sitting on shelves where they get lost and no love!

Have a great day!

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