Monday, April 25, 2011

Cape Tutorial

Last week I promised a tutorial on the Truckman cape that I made for Adam.  Check out this website, which is what I based my cape on!

I started off with 2 different green materials (1 yd each), 100% cotton and VERY inexpensive (I found it at Walmart) because I know that my little man will put his cape through the ringer!  I washed the pieces and then ironed them before I started.  I folded the dark green piece in half, then took a pencil and drew out the cape according to the measurements here.  After cutting it out, I used this as a pattern for the light green piece.

Once you have both pieces, pin them together, right sides together.

Sew around all the edges of the cape EXCEPT for the top of the neck piece.  You'll need this opening to turn the material right-side out.

Once you're done sewing, trim the excess material from the edge, about 1/8-1/4 inch around the seam.  Pinking sears work the best, but you can always use regular scissors and then cut notches in the curved part of your cape so it lays correctly.

Turn your cape right-side out now.  You'll want to poke out all the corners so that it lays and looks correctly.  Now you'll want to sew the top shut.  I like to fold my fabric in, about 1/2 inch and then iron the fold before I sew the edge closed.

Once you're done with the seam, the next step is up to you!  You can either leave it plain or add a Superhero motif!  Truckman wanted every truck he could think of on his cape, so I used my Silhouette and Silhouette's Heat Transfer Material for Adams motif. 

This project was so easy, cheap and it used minimal time - pretty much the perfect project for a harried Mommy of a 3 year old!

See you later!
Truckman's Mommy

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