Monday, April 18, 2011

It's been a "taxing" day!

Get it?  Since it's the deadline for taxes?  Can you tell that I used to work at a Tax and Bookkeeping office?  But really, I meant my day as a Mommy has been taxing on me... it's one of those days when hitting your head against the wall for an hour is more appealing than dealing with a tantrum throwing, hitting, no-napping toddler.  Am I the only Mommy out there to ever feel this way?  And as I'm writing this, I can hear ladies all over the world saying "This too shall pass".  I know, I know, but it really doesn't help much in the heat of the moment... err... moments... like 500 moments...


Onto projects!

I've been feeling very Easter-ish lately.  In fact, the afore mentioned toddler asked me if we could have an egg hunt with his friends (every child under 10 that he comes in contact with is his friend, he'll even make up names for them) and I agreed (this was during a sweet time with him)!  I was playing with the latest LifeStyle Crafts release, it's a Graduation/School one, and I loved the paper bag soo... here's what I came up with!

{Chick and Bunny Treat Bags}

Now, I'm not going to lie, the bunny is totally my favorite!  I like the chick, but he kinda looks like a Herman Munster chick to me... my Mom assured me that he's cute, but since she's my Mom, she's a little biased with my work. 

Let me tell you about the bunny!

All the shapes on him are LifeStyle Craft dies!  The ears are nesting ovals, his little mouth piece is a nesting label die, his feet are nesting ovals, the body is the paper bag cookie cutter die... the whiskers are just strips of paper that I tore and the eyes are googly eyes, and a little pink button for his nose. 

And of course...
Every bunny needs a cute little tail!

The chick is all LifeStyle Craft shapes as well!  And this one I was a little more creative with!
Again, the body is the paper bag cookie cutter die.  His beak and his feet are triangles that I cut off the diamond 12' border die.  His head is nesting oval, folded in half.  Again, the eyes are googly eyes from my local craft store!  I debated about giving him little wings, but figured these treat bags are for little people ranging in the age of 3 weeks old (so sweet!) to 4 years old!  I don't think they're caring about anything except what's in the treat bags!

Check out my post on Page's blog to start meeting the new Design Team!

See you all soon!

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