Thursday, August 15, 2013

Buffet Party Table!!! Back to School Week!


Today I'm sharing the buffet table from the party... it was so fun to put it together and I kinda... sorta... got a little tiny bit carried away!

Let's just say that my Silhouette Cameo has been getting a lot of use... A LOT!  Between printing, cutting, there was constantly some sort of buzz coming from that machine for the past week!

I saw this super cute 3D School House when I was looking online for school shapes - it looked easy enough and I figured it would be a cute addition to the decor - little did I know that once Adam saw the school house he said "Mommy, I LOVE that!  I have a great idea!  We can make a neighborhood with houses and cars and buildings and skyscrapers... isn't that a great idea Mommy?".  It was a great idea and I realized that my perfect little guy had gotten the Yokley Party gene!  Yes, it's true - it's a genetic trait among us... my Aunt has it, my Mom has it, my sister-in-law has it, I have it and now Adam has it!  I'm a little more than a little proud.  

Then I saw the 3D School Bus on the Silhouette Blog and a light bulb went off.  Goody Box!  I was trying to cut down on time so I ended up formatting the file into a print and cute file so that each different element was printed and then cut - this way I wouldn't have to cut a ton of tires, windows, etc out of different colored paper.  The boxes were taking a little more than a little bit of time to assemble (my patient Mother-in-Law was stuck with this unfun job) so I had ANOTHER great idea!  I could make the entire thing a print and cut!  Meaning, I placed each window, light, door, tire onto the bus and then had it printed!  Now there was only 1 piece to cut and then some gluing - easy peasey!

Since we were serving sandwiches at the party, I wanted to make sure everyone knew what they were getting so I ended up making cute food tags that were self-standing and could be placed in front of each dish!  I used my Silhouette Cameo (yes, again!) and turned each cut image into a print image.  I made sure each image would fit into the same size circle and after I was done printing the, I placed them into my machine so it would cut them out.  I also formatted the perforated circle base to leave a little mat around each circle and glued the printed circle onto the perforated circle.  This helped make little self standing tents!


And here's the finished table!  I used a plain, off white table cloth on the buffet and then put a smaller, orange chevron runner centered on top and the Letter Burlap runner down the top center!  You can find the Letter Burlap Runner in my Shop here (psst - it's on sale).  I used a lot of cream platters that I had on hand to hold the food along with some red platters that I made from an old project (25 Days of Christmas series - painting glass vases).  We had pb&j, chicken salad sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches and tomato, basil and provolone sandwiches - yum!  I cut the pb&j sandwiches into hearts and the ham & cheese into stars with my sandwich cutters.  My two amazing friends (thanks M and V!) helped with the fruit and veggies - using clear plastic cups we put ranch at the bottom of the cup and veggies standing in it and then for the fruit my fabulous friend made a yummy fruit dip that we spooned into the bottom followed with skewered fruit standing in the cup - so cute and delicious!

I also made apple shaped  Apple Hand Pies and star shaped Cherry Hand Pies - this was super easy with the Williams-Sonoma pie press!  And I loved the way they turned out!
And a very talented friend, Sylvia, made the school themed cookies for the party!  They turned out so cute, everyone loved them and the best part is, they're delicious!  If you'd like information on ordering some decorated sugar cookies, please leave me a comment and I'll get you the info!
Phew!  This was a long one!  Hope you're having a great Back-To-School week!  It's a pretty exciting time around here!

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