Monday, December 20, 2010

PIllows, pillows, PILLOWS!!

I finished my 1st batch of Christmas presents! Yay! We had our annual cookie day yesterday where me and 3 of my fantastic girlfriends make a serious amount of cookies! Well, I didn't do much, I've been pretty tired, but the rest of them put me to shame! Anyways, we exchange our homemade presents on cookie day so I finished mine up on Saturday morning, 1 whole day before the deadline - whoop-de-doo! And I was pretty proud of them, to be honest! Today, or maybe tomorrow, I'm going to start on my next round, which is only 2, maybe 3, maybe 4 (depending on the time situation), presents. My last batch was 6 homemade presents.

So, the project that I'm showing today are Silhouette Pillows. Now, you can use your Silhouette SD computer software to actually cut out the silhouette of someone once you have imported the picture or you can do it the old fashion way - by hand - like I did! I was very sneaky and had each of the kids come over (I used husbands, texts, uncles, whatever!) where I took a few pictures of their profiles - I suggest taking more than one just in case! Then, print the picture on cardstock and cut it out, then trace it onto Silhouettes Heat Transfer Material and cut that out. Once you have that done, iron it onto the fabric of your choice. I then took fabric that I thought would match their home decor and did a strip all the way around the fabric square with the silhouette on it. Then sew on the backing in another coordinating fabric, stuff with pillow and hand sew shut! Very fun, very personal and, I think, super cool!

Princess Maya with her pillow... isn't she just as cute in black and white as in person!

Ruan and Mia, love how Mia's silhouette is just as dainty as she is!  And I love the hair in Ryan's silhouette!

Here's Jen, Anna and Aaron... it was a challenge just to get Aaron to sit still long enough for this pic!

Only 4 days left till Christmas morning!

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