Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally! Flower Rolling!

This technique is so simple!  Seriously simple!  They take no time, a few minutes, and you get so much from a simple piece of paper.

Here's the supplies that I used:

I use ScrappyGlue, but I know that other people prefer GlueDots - it's totally up to you.  I typically use a double sided paper or a solid paper since you see both sides of the paper when your done with your flower.  I used a Marvy 3.5" scallop circle punch for the tutorial, but you can use any circle punch as long as it's large enough to cut and roll.  I also use a 2" circle punch and a 2.5" circle punch for different flowers.

Punch your paper.

Ink your edges if you want, you can do it later as well or not at all.

I typically don't draw my "snails shell" onto the circle, but did for the sake of the tutorial.  I normally just cut it in this circular pattern.

Cut your "snails shell" pattern.

This is what it will look like when you're done cutting.

Now you'll start rolling from the OUTSIDE OF YOUR CIRCLE!  You can roll this super tight because you'll be able to release it so it'll take it's form at the end. 

This is how I hold my paper while I roll, it's easiest to use two hands, one holding the rolled piece and the other rolling the strip of paper.

I have my flower all the way rolled, except for the end piece.

Put some glue or your glue dot on this tail piece.  Then rest it against the rolled part of the flower so your edges touch the glue.
You can release your flower a little so that you have more space between your rolled petals before the glue is dried.  You can make it as tight or as loose as you want it.  Hold it till the glue is dried.
Here you go!  I sometimes add Stickles or some bling, or even distress the edges for a little more definition.

These seriously take NO time!  And once you get the hang of it, you'll love making them!

Email me with any questions!  Hope my terminology is easy to understand!
See you all later!

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