Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Sketch Support inspired layout!


Happy Tuesday - we had a very fun day!  Adam, Aidan and I played trash trucks... a lot... took naps (my favorite part, but was told naps are not fun!), made up numerous trash truck songs before nap and wiped a lot of runny noses.  Poor little guys!  Spring colds are no fun!  I took their temperatures after lunch, before nap, and what do you know but they both had matching fevers!  Not high, but it was just kind of funny that they were exactly the same! 

Anyways, onto my point!  I saw a sketch on the Sketch Support blog that I used for a layout that I created of our trip on the MetroLink back in February - here's the sketch

And here's my Layout:
I used some MM Lime Twist, some Basic Grey Wanderer, some Sassafras Felties...  I plan to journal on the computer and cut them into strips to go across the bottom right hand vehicle paper... the "at play" is an OA flashcard that I cut down.

It's a little hard to see, but I sewed along all of my edges and the space between the strips of paper because I wanted to keep the train track feel and I sewed down the center of the black solid piece like a street line.  I also used Glossy Accents on my "signs" that I hand cut from the Basic Grey paper.

I'm all about the sketches lately!  I love how I can use them and change them to fit my theme, I don't get stuck on the way a picture of a layout looks, or the paper that the person used or the embellishments... it's very freeing once you get the hang of sketches!

Here's a few sketch websites that you can check out!

I hope to post again tomorrow but it depends on my sickie!

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