Friday, May 20, 2011

My Pages DT Layout

It was my turn again today to post a project from our May kits... so I posted a layout!  I was inspired by a sketch that I saw on the OA website that Roree Rump created -
But, since I did the layout last, I had used most of my Nikki Sivils patterned paper all up!  I had to be creative, I sort of felt like Pooh Bear, sitting down, thumping his temples and saying "If I could only think a thought..." and then my eyes fell on my sewing machine.  A light went off.  Thread makes lines... so, here you have it, my interpretation of the above sketch with limited paper but a super cute little boy that would make any layout a.dor.a.ble.  Seriously.

My favorite part... the sun-clouds combos in place of butterflies.  I seriously had very little paper to work with, but was determined to use what I had and not cheat, so this is what I came up with.  But, it has all the elements that I love: simple, clean lines, white space, embellishments...

Check out the Pages blog for more details!

I'm out at Page's tomorrow for our PageMaps layout class - I think I have room for 1 more... call MaryJo (Kathy's still in Alaska!) to sign up!

See you all Monday!

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