Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My heads up in the sky...

At least that's what it feels like today!  I totally forgot that I was going to do a rolled flower tutorial and worked on assignments instead... so I will do the tutorial tomorrow (I would do it tonight but I'm losing my light) and I'll share a shape card that I started the other day and finished today.  And, that I TOTALLY love!  I'm really feel'n the shaped cards lately!

I made this using my Silhouette, the Hip Horray paper from MyMindsEye and some embellishments.  The banner is attached to floral wire and says "Reach for the sky", I thought this would be a good graduation card...

It's a little hard to tell, but there's nothing between the basket and the balloon, which made it difficult to get it to stand on it's own so I glued toothpicks to the inside of the card (front and back), from the bottom of the basket along the strings and into the balloon area.  I also sewed along the balloon where the different papers meet.  The clouds are also cut from the Silhouette and I popped them up and also put one on the back part of the card to give it extra dimension.


Gotta run - dinners burning!

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