Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good Morning

I've been wanting to share a little more about our day to day for the past few months in Adam's scrapbook, so I decided to dissect the day into pictures.  My goal is to share on the blog and then do pages so I can remember the different stages of our life... so much has changed in our daily routine from the time Adam was a newborn to now... it's easy to forget the different shapes of our life.

So, here's our morning (in pictures)... all before 7:30 am...

{my coffee, Adam's green juice, blog hopping}

{Disney Junior - it's my wake-up helper}

{And then we heard the 1st trash truck of the day}

{A little boy, 2 trash trucks - perfection}

{Adam - jammies, Mommy - jammies/robe = TMI for neighborhood}

Like I said, this is before 7:30 - it's a little crazy with a 3 year old, energetic boy!  And we did this routine for all 3 trash trucks, not to mention standing by the front door, looking for the trash truck and Adam tricking me into cleaning his playroom while he watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...

Hope your morning is spent in your jammies on a trash truck in the front yard too!

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