Saturday, May 7, 2011

Singer Sew Party Show and Tell


Happy Saturday!  I've had a great day today, a great start to the Mother's Day Weekend!  My Singer Sew party was this morning, we had quiche, monkey bread, fruit, raspberry bars, wine, coffee... and sewing!  Can it get any better?!  I had a great turn out, we had 11 people come over and make the tool roll projects!  Here's some pictures:

We had 3 machines set up so that we could keep the party moving.  Here's my Mom, Rosa and Jena sewing away - the Singer Confidence worked awesome!  In the dinning room we had the precut 12x14 inch rectangles ready to be pinned and an ironing station.  Of course, no station was too far from the food!

Here, Christine and Amber were making their pockets for the tool roll while my Mother-in-law ironed her seams.

Here's my Grandma Grace turning her corners out.

There's not much better than getting together to make a fun, easy and time conscientious project!  And now it's time for a nap and then onto an Angel's Game!

Hope everyone's Mother's Day is wonderful!

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