Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Singer Sewing Party!


Well, we just got back from the hottest, err, happiest place on Earth!  Yes, Disneyland!  It was 95 today, yikes!  See, even in the heat, we're still totally in lurve with Disneyland!  Poor Pluto, tho!  He must've been one hotdoggie!

So, I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but I was picked to be a host for a Singer House Party a while back and my party is this Saturday!  Here's the Singer Sewing Confidence machine that I picked up on Saturday - I really really really LOVE it!  It has 62 stitches - and a cutting foot that will double as a serger even tho I don't know how to use it... trial and error, or errors.

And while I was picking up my new sewing machine, I also made the project that we'll be making at the party... a tool roll - so easy and so cute!  I think this is perfect for a plethora of tools... sewing, paper crafting, crayons (I'm thinking of Adam here, not myself)... very easy, it took less than 20 minutes!

{tool roll}

{All rolled up - I'll add ribbon for closures for the party)

And here's a picture of what's going to be in the goodie bags - this was all sent by Singer for the party for FREE!  Super cool!  I love free!  It's my favorite price!

I'll show you guys pictures of the party after Saturday, later this week I'll share some more Silhouette shirts that I made - 1 for my niece and 1 for my BFF's little girl (they were supposed be for Easter... opps). 
See you all later!

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  1. I love to sew! I wish I had more time to do so.