Monday, March 5, 2012

Bridal Shower

Happy Monday... and  Pinned Up Monday at that!

Well, we had the future Sister-in-Laws shower here Saturday and I think it went beautifully!  The food was wonderful, the games were fun and, most importantly, I think the bride-to-be had fun! 

Through the next week I'll be sharing different shower decor that I made and share how you can make them too!  But today I'll be sharing a fabric banner that I made with a little inspiration from Pinterest and a local store, Collective Journey!

Here's the Pinterest inspiration...

{From via Pinterest}

I love this whole look - the soft colors are beautfiul.  

The other banner that I saw like this was at Collective Journey - it's in the front of their store and is mixed with a paper pennant banner.  Their cielings are so much higher (which I didn't take into consideration) than the ones in my dinning room, which is where I orginally planned to hang the banner from but, after the fabric banner was made, I realized that it would be way too heavy in my dinning room, which is naturally dark.  I decided to move it into the family room... take a look...

We have a vaulted ceiling in our family room and it's pretty wide.  We couldn't decide how to hang it at first, I thought I had plenty of banner and that I could zig zag it across the width of the room, but after we laid it out, it only would've gone across 1 1/2 times, which would've looked silly.  So, we came up with this idea. 

The banner is made from strips of fabric, about 1" to 2" wide.  We have lots of different colors represented in the banner; yellow, purple, tan, canvas, teal, lim green... I've estimated that it's roughly 37 yards of fabric.  Yep.  You may be thinking that's a lot of strips... and you'd be right!  the first 8 yards of fabric were cut into 1" strips, the other 29 yards were torn out of impatience! 

It's a super simple banner to make, you simply grab fabric in colors/patterns that you enjoy.  Grab some clothesline and cut to the desired length.  Then tear your fabric into strips - it's up to you how wide your want the strips.  I think the length is also up to you, but mine are about 18-20" long.  Then tie your strips of fabric onto your clothesline - I didn't bother knoting the fabric.  Then just push it down until it's tight against the other strips that you've tied on.  Keep going. 

Now, you could leave more space between your strips and your banner would be less full, but I wanted a very full banner, so I left NO room between strips.

I'm going to leave this banner up for spring/Easter - it was way too much work to use for only 1 occassion!  Thankfully it's Spring and Easter is right around the corner, so I don't have to ask my husband to take it down and put it back up!  Everyone is happy!

I'll be back tomorrow to share more!
Have a great Monday!  And remember, if you'd like an invitation to Pinterest, email me at ayokleyjessup(at)gmail(dot)com!

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