Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun Bath with Sicky Boy


Well, Adam's in the 2nd week of his two week spring break and he's sick... again.  So, in less than two weeks we've:  both been sick with sinus/chest colds, I broke an ankle and now Adam has the stomach flu and all that that entails.  Yep, the sto.mach.flu.  Blah! 

So, after Adam went to the bathroom in his clothes yesterday, I grabbed him and ran him to the tub.  He was so upset, didn't understand what was happening, was afraid he'd be in trouble... all of it.  So, after I showered him off, cleaned the bathtub and then drew him a bath, I decided to do something fun with Adam.

Shaving Cream Bath Paint!

I grabbed a Dollar Tree can of shaving cream, a cupcake tin, foam brushes and food coloring.

I filled 6 cups with shaving cream...

I put a few drops of food coloring in each tin.

I then mixed the color drops into the shaving cream - We had Blue, Red, Purple (looks like a brown/black horrible color), yellow, green and orange.  I followed the directions on the back of the food coloring package to make different colors.  Obviously, purple was not the best one.

The best part was when Adam was so happy and in awe of getting to "paint" in the bathtub wall that he kept saying, "Mama, I can paint?  I can paint on the walls, Mama?" 

We painted Flowers, trees, a sun... he was painting tracks around the tub... and then there was an accident in the tub and we had to shower off again.  The best part, the shaving cream paint washed off the bathroom walls no problem! 

We'll definitely do this again - it's a very easy, inexpensive fun bath time activity.  And maybe a summertime, outdoor activity?  He can paint himself?  I don't know or me?  Or his toys?

I hope you all stay germ free and give this a try - it's really cool!  I was wondering it there are glow in the dark paints that I could use? 

See you tomorrow!

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